Global orthodontic treatment is carried out once all of the adult teeth have appeared, e.g. in adolescence. It may or may not be preceded by a phase one treatment. Orthodontic treatments for teenagers include fixed braces and other devices.

Orthodontic braces, commonly referred to as simply “braces,” act like handcuffs on teeth. The straight orthodontic wires displace “crooked” teeth when they are inserted into the brace. The bent wire gradually returns to its original straight position and pulls the crooked tooth with it.

The length of orthodontic treatment depends on:

  • the severity of the malocclusion
  • the patient’s age
  • the degree of patient cooperation
  • the patient’s goals

Dr Normand Bach offers multiple treatment options to his patients. He uses only the best products stemming from cutting-edge technology. It all starts with a consultation including an initial examination. Dr Bach will then be able to offer the treatment options best suited to your unique situation.
The number one goal remains the quality of care that Dr Normand Bach offers to all of his patients.




Self-ligating brackets


  • Fast, efficient and comfortable
  • Easy maintenance and brushing
  • Appointments with the orthodontist are shorter

Esthetic braces


  • Fast, efficient and comfortable
  • Less visible than regular self-ligating braces
  • Easy maintenance and brushing



  • Transparent Trays
  • Totally Invisible
  • Hygiene and nutrition are easier
  • Not suitable for all malocclusions
  • Requires a lot of cooperation from the patient to continuously wear of the trays